[teknoids] Closed Captioning of Academic Recordings

Kris Niedringhaus krisn at gsu.edu
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Hi Matt,

We have two recording systems (Panopto and Kaltura) and both provide computer-generated captions and allow human editing. I sometimes edit the captions of videos made for pre-class work but don’t for recordings of classes. The computer-generated captions are pretty good but every once in a while it gets a word wrong that is a key part of the video and may be a new term for the students. I can’t remember now what the term was but there was a video I made that used a term 1Ls were unlikely to understand in context. Every single time the captioning put the wrong word, I’m sure because of my speech. I was able to go through and edit pretty quickly.


Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Associate Dean for Library and Information Services
Georgia State University College of Law

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Hi all,

Other than for DSS obligations, do any schools provide closed captioning of academic recordings to their students?

If so, are you using Human or Computer-Generated captions?

I would appreciate any insight you all have,

Matt Bochniak
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