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Hi Phil,

A few years ago, we had a student using the legal version.  Because of mobility issues, this student was well versed in how to use voice-to-text type of software, so he was very successful with it.

We have a professor now who is using Windows speech to text dictation successfully.  We have another who is using Mac’s native voice dictation.

This may not be super helpful, but the price-point on the OS’ product is pretty attractive.


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I have a question for you all.

It's been a number of years since we've been asked to get a copy of Dragon for someone.  In the past we never were asked about getting the legal version.

Since the legal version was brought up, I'm curious if anyone has any practical experience using both products.  The requestor, a law professor, is working on a book (law-related) and needs to be able to dictate due to limited mobility.

Our experience over the years has been that the performance of the non-legal version was acceptable if not better than that.

Price is a factor as is precedent. On the Nuance retail site the legal and pro versions are the same price but when we go through our educational sales rep, the pro version is just a little over half the price of the legal version.

Many thanks for your thoughts,


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