[teknoids] Hybrid learning in the library?

Phillip C. Bohl phillip.bohl at pepperdine.edu
Wed Oct 13 14:30:52 EDT 2021

Ok, so maybe not the best subject line but I'm wondering if/how people are
supporting hybrid and/or online-only class participation for those who are
outside the classroom but INSIDE the facility.

We have a lot of students who are physically on site and are attending
classes remotely from inside our building.  Some are using small seminar
rooms in groups to attend online classes while others are on the patio or
in the law library.

When you group folks together in the same vicinity who are attending an
online class, that can create some fun issues with audio.

We have been recommending that folks use headsets but to date we have not
provided any of this hardware.

We *could* buy a few such things and check them out at the law library
public services desk but in a pandemic that doesn't seem to be the best
approach, unless it's a long term loan.

Thanks for your thoughts on this...

Wishing you all the best in health and fun,


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