[teknoids] Course Scheduling software recommendation or experience

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Tue Nov 23 09:35:54 EST 2021

Hi folks,

Had someone ask me for a recommendation for course scheduling software
for a law school (obvs).  I have been out of this space too long to
even recognize the players.  I see that ofcourse.com is "popular", but
seems pricey.  I suppose they do way more than just do an iterative
best-fit/linear programming/negotiation of variables on a calendar.

Course scheduling is a social process ... or an authoritarian one  -
depending on the law school.  I imagine it to be like a multi-party
divorce where the parties are all trying to grab the good sofa, but
someone gets the leg-lamp and the Sponge-Bob martini glasses.  (read
that as no one wants to teach at 8 am and everyone wants Fridays off).

I was thinking of just asking here, but I think this requires a
survey, so ... here it is...


Try to fill out one per law school, but not getting too formal here,
so have at it.

I will post the results next week - no names or institutions
identified.  If you want to share your war story, do it here on


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