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                FWIW, I am attaching a form I created for faculty to select the Examplify options they prefer. The form contains brief explanations of Examplify's options and potential pitfalls of selecting some options.

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Need this answered?

If you plan of using computers for exams, I will need these questions below answered in order to get the exam for your course created.

Examplify can operate in 3 modes:
*       Secure mode: the computer is completely locked down.  The students cannot access anything, all they can do is type their answer in the software.
*       Non-secure mode: Examplify operates like a standard word processor.  Students will be able to access any files or items on their computer.  They will also be able to access the internet (browse the web, send instant messages, email, etc.).
*       Non-secure + Block Internet:  Same as non-secure mode except internet access is disabled.

Examplify also has options to enable or disable:
*       Spell Check
*       Copy/Paste (Students can only copy text typed within Examplify in Secure Mode.  Non-Secure modes allow copying from outside the exam and pasting into Examplfy.)
*       Find/Replace
*       Calculator

Please respond 2 weeks or more prior to exam with the following information:

1.     Course Name (not number):
2.     Are you allowing the use of computers for essays (Y/N.  If no, stop here.):
3.     Configure exam for secure, non-secure, or non-secure with block internet (S/N/NBI):
4.     Allow spell check (Y/N):
5.     Allow copy/paste (If you select No they will not be able to copy paste from anywhere)(Y/N):
6.     Allow find/replace (Y/N):
7.     Allow the calculator (Y/N):
8.  Time Limit for Exam:
9.   Do you have any file that need to be attached, Exam Questions or Intructions (Y/N):
10.   Midterm or Final Exam? If midterm, what date will it take place?

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Hi all -

Has anyone been facing challenges with e-books for open book exams?  Any good solutions?  We are generally using ExamSoft, and for those classes with e-books, we are using the semi-secure mode i.e. students can't access the internet but can have the e-book as a pdf on their desktop.  I have heard that annotations don't accompany the download for some vendors (in some classes permission has been given to make notes in margins), and worry about proctoring in semi-secure mode (because students could have a variety of files on their desktop).

In some ways, this may be more a policy question than a tech question!  But as e-books are becoming more ubiquitous, I'm curious if anyone has some creative ways of approaching this.

Kristin McCarthy

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