[teknoids] If you lead a horse to water ... if you build, they will ... How do encourage adoption ?

Patrick Wiseman pwiseman at gsu.edu
Fri Nov 12 00:16:49 EST 2021

Perhaps I misunderstood John's original question, but I thought he was
asking about faculty, not student, adoption.

I have a little to say about both. I guess it depends on what you're asking
students to adopt, but when I went all online in my con law courses years
ago, they just accepted it. No doubt the fact that I was providing free
cases had something to do with that, but there was zero resistance. From
the mid-'90's I had course websites that students navigated without
difficulty. In my experience, students are highly adaptive to technology
that serves them well, but faculty should not presume to know what
technology does that.

As to faculty. Well, I developed, in the mid-'90's, a content-management
system that delivered course websites, syllabi, online forums, and more.
(It is still serving my personal recipe collection!) I demonstrated it to
them several times (and I had a "rogue" server on which I could offer it to
them - remember "rogue" servers, before paranoid central IT took over?). I
think maybe 2 faculty used my system, but only for the forum function. For
several years, from '95-'99, I would present demos of what teachers could
do with the technology. There would be "interest" but no adoption; and
then, months later, someone would ask, "can I do X?", X being something I'd
demonstrated months before. I finally gave up; I was the only adopter of my
own (rather good) content-management software in the end. It delivered my
course websites until I retired in 2019.

Then the big guys - West, Lexis, et al. - caught on, and provided ....

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On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 11:31 AM John Mayer <jmayer at cali.org> wrote:

> Just had a great conversation with a fellow Teknoid on the topic of
> ... adoption.
> This isn't just a CALI problem by any means.  We have built tools,
> lessons, quizzmakers, that some faculty use and some students like ...
> but we struggle to get a large number to either engage and benefit or
> engage and give feedback so that we can iterate and improve.
> I know this is a problem for other tools in the techn competency space
> - you make them available, you put out schwag, you hold online
> sessions, you visit individual faculty, etc etc.
> This is an age old problem,but I am bringing it up again in 2021.
> What HAS worked for you in getting adoption of whatever it is you are
> making available?
> Regards
> John
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