[teknoids] If you lead a horse to water ... if you build, they will ... How do encourage adoption ?

Nelson, Stephen stephen.nelson at marquette.edu
Thu Nov 11 15:32:34 EST 2021

After your post I had a robust conversation with colleagues here asking for examples of success. We make "stuff" available, we brand it, sell it, hand hold, or launch and hope to transfer ownership, all with limited success. We have adopters but not what I think of as critical mass, more like one-offs. As the conversation progressed some folks offered suggestions trying x, y, or z. It seemed like more of the same approach and I suspect with similar results.

I caught part of the November 1st Hidden Brain program on NPR and I think it I relevant. The problems resonate with me but I not sure of any solutions.
Work 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See
Introducing new ideas is hard. Most of us think the best way to win people over is to push harder. But organizational psychologist Loran Nordgren says a more effective approach is to focus on the invisible obstacles to new ideas.

I think the time commitment and timing are the biggest hidden obstacles. I really don't have answers to addressing them. I'd love to hear some success stories on not just adoption but how you got there.

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Just had a great conversation with a fellow Teknoid on the topic of ... adoption.

This isn't just a CALI problem by any means.  We have built tools, lessons, quizzmakers, that some faculty use and some students like ...
but we struggle to get a large number to either engage and benefit or engage and give feedback so that we can iterate and improve.

I know this is a problem for other tools in the techn competency space
- you make them available, you put out schwag, you hold online sessions, you visit individual faculty, etc etc.

This is an age old problem,but I am bringing it up again in 2021.
What HAS worked for you in getting adoption of whatever it is you are making available?


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