[teknoids] If you lead a horse to water ... if you build, they will ... How do encourage adoption ?

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Wed Nov 10 11:30:27 EST 2021

Just had a great conversation with a fellow Teknoid on the topic of
... adoption.

This isn't just a CALI problem by any means.  We have built tools,
lessons, quizzmakers, that some faculty use and some students like ...
but we struggle to get a large number to either engage and benefit or
engage and give feedback so that we can iterate and improve.

I know this is a problem for other tools in the techn competency space
- you make them available, you put out schwag, you hold online
sessions, you visit individual faculty, etc etc.

This is an age old problem,but I am bringing it up again in 2021.
What HAS worked for you in getting adoption of whatever it is you are
making available?


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