[teknoids] Room scheduling Tool

Tom Ryan tomryan at camden.rutgers.edu
Thu Feb 4 13:26:07 EST 2021

We use Dean Evans' EMS for everything including study rooms. It is costly though and probably overkill depending on your use case.

Additionally, our development team still built out custom interfaces that allow easier reservations and automatic rule based approval for our study rooms. We've also coupled this with our door access control system so you are automatically granted access via your ID card as needed. I see other schools have done similar access integrations with 25Live.


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Sure. We use Libapps by Springshare tools.

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Frank C King Jr., Director Information Technology

Howard University School of Law

2900 Van Ness Washington DC 20008

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Hey, I hope everyone is holding in down during this winter phase of the pandemic. Seems much tougher during these cold months than it was during the spring and summer. But nonetheless we press on.

We currently use Meeting Room Manager (MRM) to manage our room reservation/scheduling needs. It is old and dated. Now seems like a good time to look into are replacement and get it in place while our building is largely empty.

Would anyone be willing to share the tool they use, and what they see as pro and con of that software/website?

Thanks in advance.

Peter Stanisci

Assistant Dean for Information Technology

Touro Law School - NY
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