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Phillip C. Bohl phillip.bohl at pepperdine.edu
Thu Feb 4 11:51:54 EST 2021

Hi Peter,

I know what you mean about the cold.  It's tough here in Malibu...


Our university adopted 25Live
<https://collegenet.com/products/scheduling/25live.html> from CollegeNet
several years ago in an effort to streamline and unify university
scheduling.  We were looking to max our space usage and gain some
efficiencies.  That said, there are still pockets with their own approach
to scheduling around ... including our law library that uses SpringShare's
LibCal <https://springshare.com/libcal/> scheduler to permit students to
book study rooms.

Both products have been great and both have some challenges but the
benefits more than outweigh them.  Looking at our space usage from an
enterprise/university-wide standpoint we were pretty late in the game in
getting a product like 25Live that addressed all the spaces on campus.

We kinda miss managing our own building-wide scheduling system but we
work pretty closely with the sysadmin who manages 25Live for the university
and she's been great in helping us tweak things for our needs.

Glad to discuss in more detail as needed.



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On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 6:18 AM Peter Stanisci <pstanisci at tourolaw.edu>

> Hey, I hope everyone is holding in down during this winter phase of the
> pandemic. Seems much tougher during these cold months than it was during
> the spring and summer. But nonetheless we press on.
> We currently use Meeting Room Manager (MRM) to manage our room
> reservation/scheduling needs. It is old and dated. Now seems like a good
> time to look into are replacement and get it in place while our building is
> largely empty.
> Would anyone be willing to share the tool they use, and what they see as
> pro and con of that software/website?
> Thanks in advance.
> Peter Stanisci
> Assistant Dean for Information Technology
> Touro Law School - NY
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