[teknoids] What's your current favorite polling tech for the classroom?

Marian Dent mdent at pericles.ru
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Mentimeter.com has a free account version (albeit only with 2 questions and 5 slides per poll for the free version) but it has Wordcloud for your teachers who want that.


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We recommend to our faculty to use Microsoft Forms.  Our School of Law staff departments use it heavily (I use it for surveys a lot).  Wish it had a Word Cloud feature, but it’s worked well.     We used to use Poll Everywhere and the word cloud feature wasn’t used much to justify a separate app when we have a University license with Microsoft.


We have a number of faculty that had been using iClickers, but usage has dropped a lot since Covid.








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For years we've used Turning Point clickers. We are now looking for a change. I'm curious what the hip kids are doing these days. What polling tech are YOU using in your classrooms? 


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