[teknoids] Student and Faculty Online Class Technology Forms using Microsoft Forms

MOORE, GARY GMOORE at law.sc.edu
Mon Sep 21 15:30:06 EDT 2020

Good Afternoon, Everyone,

Professor Nadelle Grossman at Marquette had asked about student online technology survey forms on the Associate Deans Listserv on Friday and I shared our student online class technology form with her.   I figured that some people here on CALI might be interested as well, so I have shared our two forms.

We created two online class technology surveys using Microsoft Forms, one for students, one for faculty.   The surveys asked how they found the first four weeks of class from a technology and support standpoint.   The printed PDF forms show all the questions for each of the forms.  However, we did a good amount of branching for each of the surveys, so not all the questions are answered in the actual surveys.

We had 154 students respond to our student online class technology survey, which is nearly one fourth of our entire student population.   We did not compare online classes to in person, though some students did respond in the comments section on that.   The results were better than I expected given a couple of system wide hiccups we have had with Blackboard/Blackboard Collaborate.

The faculty online class survey just went out this past Friday and 27 full time and adjunct faculty members have responded to the survey so far.

Any questions, please let me know.




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