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Along the same lines.  With a Hyperflex room that has a classroom wired up with camera and mics everything works fine, except that since you are using the room camera/mics then you lose the active speaker view for the students in the classroom, they become disembodied voices.  If you have the students bring their laptops into the classroom and use their laptops running zoom with headsets then in most circumstances things work fine but you will run into feedback issues if participants forget to mute their mics, or with issues of hearing yourself speak then a delay in hearing the zoom audio in your headset which is unsettling for some students.

Has anyone found a happy medium where faculty can teach from the classroom to students int the classroom as well as remote students without the issues of disembodied voices or audio feedback issues associated with having laptops in the classroom.  Thank you.


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1. Realistically we’re looking at one room since it already has some support for this.  It’s rated at 60 person capacity, although this is a pre-Covid rating.

2. The tech in the room is at least nominally oriented to distance learning, so it already has an instructor camera, an audience facing camera, a projector and screen, instructor mic (wireless and podium), smart podium with touchscreen control panel, computer and document camera, and push-button microphones at the desks for attendees to use.  What it *doesn’t* have is an audience camera that focuses on the active speaker nor any real way for those in the room to see the remote attendees.

3. We’re using Zoom for remote sessions.

  - Thayer

Thayer York
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University of Washington School of Law

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What size rooms are you dealing with?

What technology is already installed in the rooms?

What are you using for your remote class sessions?

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Hello all,

As part of the information gathering stage of contingency planning for future quarters, we’re trying to estimate the costs involved (money and time) of converting a classroom into a “HyFlex” room (in other words, a room that can accommodate teaching in-person and remote students simultaneously).  Has anyone gone down that road are willing to share estimates with me?  I’m only looking for ballpark figures here.  Is it $5K?  $50K?  More?  Can it be done it a couple of weeks, or are we talking a month or two (planning, purchase, installation, testing)?

Please note that this is not intended to start a discussion of the merits of the HyFlex model, which I’m sure we all have thoughts about. 🙂

Thanks for any details that you’re willing to share.

  - Thayer

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