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The University of Richmond allows alumni to keep their UR email address (it’s a google account).  If a student withdraws (or otherwise, does not graduate), the email account goes away.  We also do not reuse email addresses (as a rule).

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We are revisiting our student email address policy, and we would like to get an idea of how other schools handle this.

What do you do with a student email address when the student graduates or withdraws from school?  Does a graduate get a permanent school email address?  Is the address permanently retired, and never used again, or is the address available to be assigned to another student later?

Let’s say John Doe has an email address of jdoe, and he graduates.  Does he keep the jdoe email address forever?  Does he lose the address when his school account is closed out?  Several years later, Jane Doe (no relation) enrolls. Does she get the jdoe address?

Daniel Starnes
Student Network Systems Manager
California Western School of Law
San Diego, CA
dstarnes at law.cwsl.edu

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