[teknoids] Finally Friday!

Patricia Guido guido at law.cuny.edu
Fri Mar 27 13:42:18 EDT 2020

This week is spring break for us. We did have one day of Zoom distance learning before break started. I think it’s going OK. We’ll get a better idea next week with a full schedule of classes. The faculty had a lot of training sessions a few weeks ago. We were on top of this before it hit. Some students don’t have laptops or wifi at home and we are trying to help them out.

Yes. We're all working from home and I’m starting to miss going into an office. It’s getting too quiet here at home with only limited ability to interact with people. My one socially isolated walk a day isn’t enough for me. I like to talk:-)

But we are in NYC so times are tough and we have to try to stay as safe as we can.

P.S. I’m also used to working from home and have my computer, VPN and all the other tools I need to do my job.

Hope everyone is well across the country!

Pat Guido
CUNY School of Law
Systems Administrator

On Mar 27, 2020, at 12:25 PM, Elmer Masters <emasters at cali.org<mailto:emasters at cali.org>> wrote:

Howdy folks.

How's everybody doing? How's moving all those classes online going?
How's working from home? Are you working from home?

BTW, I've been working from home for most of the past 10 years so it's
something I definitely know something about. If anyone has any
questions or is looking for pointers, let me know.


Elmer R. Masters
Director of Technology
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
emasters at cali.org<mailto:emasters at cali.org>    773-332-7508
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