[teknoids] Post Meeting Roll on Zoom???

Tony Forsythe tonyf at appointlink.com
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There is also an API that lets you get all kinds of information about current and past Zoom meetings if you need to automate this process or integrate the data with other systems.

List Meeting Participants - Dashboards - Zoom API - API Reference<https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/dashboards/dashboardmeetingparticipants>
Get a list of participants from live or past meetings. If you do not provide the type query parameter, the default value will be set to live and thus, you will only see metrics for participants in a live meeting, if any meeting is currently being conducted. To view metrics on past meeting participants, provide the appropriate value for type. You can specify a monthly date range for the ...

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Yes, there is a report function in the Zoom client panel.  Our instructions are below.



  1.  Go to the Reports tab at the left and select Usage at the right.
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  1.  Search for the appropriate class by date and click on the participants count link.
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  1.  Select Export to download a CSV spreadsheet of the attendance for that session.
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   Loyola N.O. has gone from zero on 90mph teaching online. Im on my phone helping a prof on a Zoom meeting.

   If anyone knows, how does/can a meeting host/professor get a list of participants/students AFTER the meeting/class??? Ideally a list of students with the times they joined?
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