[teknoids] What are you using for video conferencing as you move online?

Ben Chapman bchapman8 at gsu.edu
Wed Mar 18 08:44:36 EDT 2020

Hey Elmer and others,

Georgia State and the entire USG system is using Webex. (While I do love GSU, I miss Zoom). We are also being told to teach asynchronously (which is a good idea anyway, I think) but mostly because they are really concerned about capacity for large section synchronous lectures.

Hope everyone is doing well,


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Subject: [teknoids] What are you using for video conferencing as you move online?
Howdy folks.

As classes are moving online at most law schools I know that most of
you plan on using Zoom to deliver a live video component of classes.
I'm wondering what else is being used besides Zoom?


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