[teknoids] What are you using for video conferencing as you move online?

Tom Ryan tomryan at camden.rutgers.edu
Mon Mar 16 17:17:27 EDT 2020

We're using BigBlueButton (accessed from Canvas) and Webex as our primary tools.


´╗┐On 3/16/20, 1:22 PM, "Teknoids on behalf of Elmer Masters" <teknoids-bounces at lists.teknoids.net on behalf of emasters at cali.org> wrote:

    Howdy folks.
    As classes are moving online at most law schools I know that most of
    you plan on using Zoom to deliver a live video component of classes.
    I'm wondering what else is being used besides Zoom?
    Elmer R. Masters
    Director of Technology
    Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
    emasters at cali.org    773-332-7508
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