[teknoids] How's your school handling COVID-19?

Ben Burhans bburhans at vermontlaw.edu
Tue Mar 10 15:47:09 EDT 2020

Vermont Law is preparing for the abrupt expansion of our regular online learning resources to accommodate remote versions of more traditional law classes. This includes both our usual LMS (Moodle) and some ad hoc usage of Microsoft Teams and the rest of the Office 365 suite. We have no parent institution or state college network to lean on for infrastructure or guidance, but we're already a mostly-hybrid school as far as IT operations are concerned, so this is becoming just another reason to accelerate the process of weaning ourselves off our on-prem and legacy stuff.

-- Ben

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Howdy folks.

It feels like it's going to be a long week. We're hearing about a
number of schools cancelling classes or moving abruptly to an online
format in order to try and get ahead of the spread of COVID-19. These
schools include U of Washington, Hoftsra, Fordham,  NYU, Harvard, and
Vanderbilt. I'm sure there are more.

So, here's what I'm wondering: what's going on at your school? What
would moving classes online look like? Would it fall to law school
staff to manage or would it run through your parent institution?

And remember that the teknoids community is a great resource with over
700 subscribers from about 150 law schools. Lots of IT, EdTech, and
library folk that are a great source for help or just as a place to
air stuff out.

Elmer R. Masters
Director of Technology
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
emasters at cali.org    773-332-7508
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