[teknoids] Emergency Alert System

Phillip C. Bohl phillip.bohl at pepperdine.edu
Mon Mar 2 16:29:51 EST 2020

Pepperdine uses Everbridge.  It does a pretty good job as a mass
notification system.  Each student and new employee is strongly encouraged
to opt-in to this system and as far as I know, everyone does.

We have used it for the recent fires and test it routinely.  I have no
direct connection to this system other than receiving alerts ... email,
cell phone, office phone, home phone, text.  Pretty reliable and I believe
that it's pretty quick.

The limited knowledge I have of this system suggests that it's a good one.


Caruso Pepperdine Law

On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 12:31 PM Ben Burhans <bburhans at vermontlaw.edu> wrote:

> Vermont Law School uses Regroup for both emergencies (including active
> shooter drills) and weather alerts, although we've not yet used it for
> anything in between, like an epidemic or health hazard.
> It's not perfect, but not terrible. The timeliness of some alerts leaves
> something to be desired, e.g. the SMS texts and phone calls may be sent out
> in waves instead of all at once, and those may be delayed compared to the
> emails or vice versa.
> We have it set up as mostly opt-in (self-enrolled except for
> school-provided email, which is automatically provisioned) for employees
> and students, and we are not part of a university, so it works well enough
> for our size and budget. As a software guy, my biggest regret is that last
> I knew, they didn't have a proper API, just CSV uploads with very silly
> requirements/handling logic, including using magic numbers for certain
> "semaphore" builtin groups!
> -- Ben
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> We are evaluating emergency alert systems here at John Marshall Law
> School. I know alot of you fall under a University umbrella, but if you
> could let me know what you are using and what your thoughts are on their
> setup, reliability, etc I would appreciate it. Our plan is to use the
> system for weather related instances along with active shooter/imminent
> danger and now Corona Virus announcements.
> Thanks
> Harold Bieber
> Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
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