[teknoids] Emergency Alert System

Ben Burhans bburhans at vermontlaw.edu
Mon Mar 2 15:30:52 EST 2020

Vermont Law School uses Regroup for both emergencies (including active shooter drills) and weather alerts, although we've not yet used it for anything in between, like an epidemic or health hazard.

It's not perfect, but not terrible. The timeliness of some alerts leaves something to be desired, e.g. the SMS texts and phone calls may be sent out in waves instead of all at once, and those may be delayed compared to the emails or vice versa.

We have it set up as mostly opt-in (self-enrolled except for school-provided email, which is automatically provisioned) for employees and students, and we are not part of a university, so it works well enough for our size and budget. As a software guy, my biggest regret is that last I knew, they didn't have a proper API, just CSV uploads with very silly requirements/handling logic, including using magic numbers for certain "semaphore" builtin groups!

-- Ben
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We are evaluating emergency alert systems here at John Marshall Law School. I know alot of you fall under a University umbrella, but if you could let me know what you are using and what your thoughts are on their setup, reliability, etc I would appreciate it. Our plan is to use the system for weather related instances along with active shooter/imminent danger and now Corona Virus announcements.

Harold Bieber
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
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