[teknoids] Fall instructional plans in a potentially hybrid environment

MacKnight, Scott scott at law.ucla.edu
Tue Apr 28 21:18:58 EDT 2020

Both the UCLA campus and the Law School have started various discussions on how we should plan for instruction in the fall. These are still in the early stages but I think it would help if we could collectively share proposed solutions being developed at each of our schools. For example, the UCLA campus has started to identify these categories of technical challenges that they'd like to address:

  1.  Connectivity
  2.  Equipment
  3.  Software (access to)
  4.  Environment - home, office, classroom
  5.  Technical Support
  6.  Other support services -- TA's, instructional tech, etc.
  7.  Training

It would be great to hear of other schools have already identified any preferred solutions to these issues. I'll pass along any key decisions/issues that we identify.


Scott MacKnight | Chief Information Officer | UCLA School of Law | 310-825-4689
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