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Good Morning, Everyone,

We also looked into the Examsoft proctoring software, since that is also our secure testing platform, and found that cost prohibitive as well.   Our entire Academic Technology staff sat in on a Respondus Webinar held by the University Instructional Services Center Staff last Friday since we had a few faculty using Blackboard for multiple choice exams.   We found the software clunky, potentially hard to support as Stephen Nelson very much noted and one of my staff, who takes exams on Blackboard as a grad student, noted several ways around the monitoring software.   Just isn't worth the effort.



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We actually had several faculty request remote proctoring, and one trying to determine how to do so in Zoom.  I looked into the new Examsoft Proctoring software, since that is our secure testing platform.  It was too cost prohibitive and too close to finals to get through our compliance department, then do appropriate testing of the software. I believe the Zoom idea was given up when the professor realized you can only see 49 video feeds per session, and you have to continually scroll through them.

That said, try doing a Google search on how to get around the software.  When I was looking at remote proctoring in general, there were several forums, especially reddit, that discussed how to trick the software, such as recording yourself taking a practice exam and then feeding that video back to the proctoring software on loop.  It looked like different proctoring software had different loopholes that you may need to protect against.  (Examsoft's proctoring software is new, so there was no specific information on how to bypass it when I last looked).

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            Is your law school using Respondus Monitor to administer exams remotely? If so, I would appreciate hearing whether your faculty or students objected to video monitoring of students taking exams?

If you have used Respondus Monitor previously, did users experience any noteworthy technical problems?

            My law school is evaluating options for remote administration of exams in the fall semester just in case. This summer presents a good opportunity for experimentation, since are offering only five courses with final exams. Unlike the spring semester's credit/no credit grading, summer and presumably fall semester courses will have traditional grading, so security is essential.

            Thanks, and take care.

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