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Marquette U is using Respondus with Lockdown browser for a completely online health sciences graduate program. It is a low enrollment high stakes academic program. The university expanded the license to include all D2L based exams 10 days ago. The provost expressed Respondus should only be used for exams directly related to licensure. We had one professor notify his class that they be using Respondus & Lockdown for the final. After I tested and reported the result to the Assoc. Dean, the professor changed his final exam to a take home format.

Why we discouraged using Respondus
All exams were changed to an open note open book format, this includes any electronic format. MU's implementation requires Responsdus to be used with Lockdown browser. Students would need to have print materials available and we have no idea what resources students have access to.

Respondus videos would be available w/n 24 hours, no live monitoring. The professor would be responsible for evaluating each Responsdus ID confirmation/face scan, confirming that exam takers are who they are supposed to be. Additionally, each in exam incident would need an evaluation. The number of false positives in an open book open note exam would be considerable. I don't have confidence that any of our faculty would proctor 60 x 4 hours of video after the fact.

After testing Respondus as a student, I determined there is no way to support the student side. Pre-exam checks failed 2 of 3 times and the "successful" attempt gave me the exam in a window sized less than 25% of my screen. My phone would have provided a bigger image. Troubleshooting on-site would be very difficult, troubleshooting remotely would be impossible.

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            Is your law school using Respondus Monitor to administer exams remotely? If so, I would appreciate hearing whether your faculty or students objected to video monitoring of students taking exams?

If you have used Respondus Monitor previously, did users experience any noteworthy technical problems?

            My law school is evaluating options for remote administration of exams in the fall semester just in case. This summer presents a good opportunity for experimentation, since are offering only five courses with final exams. Unlike the spring semester's credit/no credit grading, summer and presumably fall semester courses will have traditional grading, so security is essential.

            Thanks, and take care.

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