[teknoids] Taking home in-class finals

Nelson, Stephen stephen.nelson at marquette.edu
Mon Apr 13 18:57:23 EDT 2020

We are moving our finals to various take home formats and I'm curious what other schools are doing. Our administration is determined that in-class exams maintain the same published schedule, with the same start times and the same duration. They are not persuaded that time zones, tech issues, disrupted work/life situations, or a GLOBAL PANDEMIC should change the way they approach exams.

Nova and Wisconsin have published very clear policies for this strange time we are in. Would anyone care to share how they will execute what were supposed to be in-class finals?

Stay healthy and wash your hands,

Steve Nelson
stephen.nelson at marquette.edu<mailto:stephen.nelson at marquette.edu>
Instructional Technology Librarian
Marquette University Law School

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