[teknoids] Seeking insight on an audience response system

Phillip C. Bohl phillip.bohl at pepperdine.edu
Wed May 29 19:53:13 EDT 2019

We are looking at polling systems.  We are aware of several options: CALI
Instapoll, TWEN polling, Turning Point, iClicker, PollEverywhere, Top Hat,
and many, many more.  We have experience with the older version of
TurningPoint but little else.

We are specifically looking for insight in the following areas:

1. Which system do you use?
2. What are your challenges?
3. What features work well?
4. What features are MUST-haves?
5. How is support from your vendor?  Do you need it often?
6. How long did it take to setup?

Feel free to answer off-list.  We'll be glad to share our findings with all
interested parties.

Thank you in advance for your input.

See you soon at CALI?

Pepperdine Law
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