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We’ve comparison tried several and Turnitin gets the best from our teachers in terms of what it catches and how it lets the teachers’ search, although it’s also the most expensive.  One we haven’t tried is Grammarly’s, since it’s new to the plagiarism checking market.  Has anyone tried that?


Note that no one but Lexis will actually check material that’s only available on Lexis or other paid databases like Westlaw.  So proprietary treatises, for example, usually won’t be found no matter what you use.   Also we are getting less and less happy with plagiarism checkers as students get more sophisticated and use tricks such as, for example:


1)      Pasting plagiarized text into a jpg or other graphics file and inserting it into the document, so that it looks like a normal word document, but the plagiarism checkers skip it thinking it isn’t text (although Turnitin says it checks for this, and you can also check by downloading the original file).

2)      Running the text through Google translate into another language, and then translating it back again though another translation program, which generally changes the wording enough to avoid the checkers.  (No solution for this that we have figured out yet.)





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Hi all,


Now that the plagiarism checking feature is going away from Lexis Web Bourses, we’re looking for tools to fill this need.  We’ve contacted TurnItIn and waiting to hear back.  


Are there other tools on the market we should consider?


Thanks in advance!




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