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Edwards, Kim kedwards at richmond.edu
Tue Mar 19 13:15:50 EDT 2019

Does anybody know of a tool, service or set of assets that work well for a law journal to manage citations in the spading process?  One of our journals has moved to digital-only spading for articles. Arising out of their own efforts, they use a combination of “off the shelf” tools.  It involves an LMS (Lexis Courseware) for storage, PDF annotation tools, Slack for communication, and very good documentation on process.

Our library associate dean and associate dean of students are interested in helping all journals move to a digital-only citation checking process.  We’d love ideas about practices at your schools or a set of tools/services that you have observed or know about.

The focus is on the spading / citation management process, and not issue/article production.  However, if all of the elements might be integrated, that is quite interesting.

Kim Edwards

Kimberly M. Edwards, CG'13, ACSP
Computer Services Coordinator
Law School Library
203 Richmond Way
University of Richmond, VA  23173
kedwards at richmond.edu
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