[teknoids] ACES2 and Slate

Jeff Whitcomb jmwhitco at samford.edu
Thu Dec 5 09:20:24 EST 2019

We use ACES2 and have a daily extract that SLATE imports and sets up. SLATE then feeds our Banner system with admits and withdrawals. We are using the ACES2 API to extract data and save it to a file that is then SFTP to SLATE for import. We use PDT to move data from SLATE to Banner. I didn’t do the actual setup other than the ACES2 API. SLATE is managed by the Main campus Admission area and PDT is managed by someone in Enterprise Applications.

The whole thing is working very well. The only gotchas that I’m aware of is the fact our implementation only feeds certain data to Banner once. So addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, GPA info, degree info, undergrad college info, and probably more, only gets uploaded to Banner once. Due to this, and needing final undergrad GPA info in Banner, we pulled that data out into a separate data feed that we run once a year, after the new class matriculates. Data updates from ACES2 to SLATE with no issue and there is a whole history of the data in SLATE. Either SLATE won’t send the updated data, or we don’t have PDT setup to do that, I don’t recall which.

When we came along and looked at using this ACES2>SLATE>PDT>Banner process (after LSAC’s USI project was cancelled) Samford already had graduate schools using PDT, so their process didn’t allow for updates. I don’t recall if this was because it couldn’t be done, or they didn’t want to invest the time. Either way, it works well.

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Hi All,

Just checking to see if anyone has set up ACES2 to work with Slate.  If so, did you have any issues setting it up?  We are in the process of trying to integrate ACES2 with Slate.    Any info that you can share would be greatly appreciated.



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