[teknoids] ACES2 and Slate

Ben Burhans bburhans at vermontlaw.edu
Wed Dec 4 16:06:04 EST 2019

We don’t use Slate, but Technolutions explicitly says they natively support ACES data and documents. https://technolutions.com/integrations

Because we offer online, masters, and prelaw programs that don’t fall under LSAC’s JD+LLM umbrella, we use a custom Salesforce solution that has in-house integrations with ACES2’s API. When the admissions process is essentially over for admitted students, we use other integrations to populate them in our SIS (Jenzabar EX) and other identity management systems from ACES2 and Salesforce. I was led to believe that LSAC was annoyed at us for a while because we were using ACES2 for other degree and non-degree programs, which is a large part of the reason we switched to Salesforce as a primary admissions system. Having several “systems of record” each controlling a segment of our admissions business process is not ideal, but it works out okay when the human users and the servers agree on everything. I’d love to learn how other schools handle these ACES2 usage limitations.

If you’re using Slate’s paid services, I assume they’ll give you at least some integration documentation via their Service Desk or similar. I am curious to hear how strict they are against technical support staff handing out advice, though, so please let us know how that goes.

-- Ben

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Hi All,

Just checking to see if anyone has set up ACES2 to work with Slate.  If so, did you have any issues setting it up?  We are in the process of trying to integrate ACES2 with Slate.    Any info that you can share would be greatly appreciated.



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