[teknoids] ACES2 and Slate

Childers, Kim kimbell-childers at utulsa.edu
Wed Dec 4 15:38:30 EST 2019

Hi All,

Just checking to see if anyone has set up ACES2 to work with Slate.  If so, did you have any issues setting it up?  We are in the process of trying to integrate ACES2 with Slate.    Any info that you can share would be greatly appreciated.



Kim Childers
Applications Support Technician
Address: 3120 East Fourth Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
Phone: 918.631.3402
Website: http://law.utulsa.edu<http://law.utulsa.edu/>
For computer related issues, please email law-help at utulsa.edu<mailto:law-help at utulsa.edu>


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