[teknoids] Looking for tech subjects for law students

Resotko, John A resotko at law.msu.edu
Tue Sep 25 14:34:06 EDT 2018

I'm going to chime in on something that isn't tech training per se, but relates to technical skills.  I work with one of the professors in our IP program to create a mock deposition of an IT professional (me), related to a fictional case of a small business.  In this exercise, the students are trying to determine who had access to what files and information prior to making an e-Discovery reqeust. They consider what the small business's data retention and acceptable use policies are, and how the IT operations of this business could inform any e-Discovery requests they may make going forward.

In previous years, I also provided a short talk to students on identifying sources of electronically stored information. The main goal of that talk is to help students identify items of interest to an e-Discovery request, and to consider the business policies which could help scope out the depth of those requests.  I'd be happy to share my slides and notes from that talk if there is interest.

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I am looking for ideas for tech sessions to offer to law students.  The plan is to offer live and recorded sessions of about 45 to 50 minutes in length and would cover various tech topics that law students might find helpful.  If you have done or are now doing such a thing, I would appreciate anything you can share with me.

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