[teknoids] Decision Analysis software

Rich McCue rmccue at uvic.ca
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There is an open source project called "Twine" that allows you to create decision tree, as well as keep track of variables for later reference (the variables allow you to follow up on questions that need a lawyer's expertise for example).  One major positive feature, from my perspective, is that once you've created your decision tree, you simply export it to an HTML file and place is on a vanilla web server. Low overhead and low maintenance. Here's a link to the project website: http://twinery.org/2

Here are a couple of examples. One is a laptop buyers guide, and the other is an interactive story:

Here's what the immigration story backend looks like... it all drag and drop:
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D44B3A.A5AAD650]


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Dear Colleagues,

I am wondering if anyone is using software that can build decision trees to assist with litigation risk analysis.  For example, an open-source plug-in for Excel can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/decisiontree/  but also would like to know if other options are available and your experience with them.  Please let me know.

Thank you,


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