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For some reason, it appears that I lost my subscription to the Teknoids list, so I've reapplied for a subscription.  That aside, would it be possible to get the following messages posted to the list?

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Dear 'Noids.
Plans are for me to provide student instruction in legal technology to our law students beginning the fall 2018 semester.  As this is a new endeavor for me, I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, advice or anything else you may have to offer if you have done this type of thing before or are doing it now.  Things such as what are some of the key concepts that I should broach?  Are there resources out there that I should review?  Is there a specific class format that is more conducive for this type of learning?  Any other information you could share would be helpful.  Thanks so much is advance.  Please contact me at carl.warrene at und.edu<mailto:carl.warrene at und.edu> or by phone at 701-777-5075 between 10am and 2pm Monday thru Friday.
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Thank you,

Carl Warrene (carl.warrene at und.edu<mailto:carl.warrene at und.edu>)
Systems Administrator
School of Law
University of North Dakota
(701) 777-5075
[Facebook e-mail icon]<https://www.facebook.com/undlawlibrary?ref=hl>[Twitter e-mail icon]<https://twitter.com/undlawlibrary>

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