[teknoids] HELP - Goolge and Teknoids and others have blacked my University email address

Friedman, Mike mfriedman1 at tulane.edu
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In general this should be handled by whatever provider is hosting your email. What’s happening is that Google has flagged your address (and maybe the server sending it) as a spammer, and so rejects the mail out of hand, with no indication this has been done (unlike a standard “person not found” message you don’t want the spammers to know what you’re doing.

I think it’s a bit odd that your IT department is making you deal with this. This stuff happens all the time, email spoofing is very common (you did change your password right? Just in case?)and they should have a policy in place to deal with it.

Mike Friedman
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Good Morning,

I tried sending to Teknoids using my law school email address and it was bounced.  I am now sending it from my Gmail account.  HELP!

I have come to the experts.  I have been told by my University IT that I am on my own in solving this situation.

Sunday night and Monday morning my UM email sent out spam. I received about 2000 replies from the spam.  I called University IT when it began and they set up an incident report.  I talked to the IT tech in the morning. The attack had stopped by then and I was told to change my Cane Id and to scan my computer to find any issues.  I did both and my email is fine now.

However, when I send UM emails to a Google email address they are not delivered.

Google’s email (below) explaining that they were not going to deliver my UM email and that suggested I contact my email administrator.

I contacted UMIT again and I was told that I was on my own to get Google to change its mind about my UM email address. That is it say, I had to convince Google that my university email was fine.

So I am trying to figure out how to contact Google and then how to convince them.

Has anyone had any experience with this problem?  I would love any and all guidance!

Thanks so much!

Sally Wise
swise at law.miami.edu<mailto:swise at law.miami.edu>
sallymiami at gmail.com<mailto:sallymiami at gmail.com>

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