[teknoids] Adobe Acrobat Pro Update Error

Fri Jul 13 15:24:19 EDT 2018

Good Afternoon All,

My co-worker and I are updating the computers that the students use in the computer lab and the Adobe Acrobat Pro has given us an error message about the licensing manager module missing when we try to update it. The computers are new Dell Optiplex All-in-One computers running Windows 10. Our thought is that if we uninstall and reinstall the software that it should be fine. However, has anyone else had this issue and found an easier way to fix it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Kendall Harkless-Davis
Computer Support Specialist
University of South Carolina School of Law
1525 Senate St., Columbia, SC 29208
Room 202K
P: (803) 777-8262
E: khdavis at law.sc.edu<mailto:khdavis at law.sc.edu>

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