[teknoids] Request for time tracking system advice

David McGeehan mcgeehand at duq.edu
Mon Jan 29 16:35:30 EST 2018

Hello Teknoids Friends,

Our school will be instituting a time tracking system for our students (for those that take online courses). I am in the process of reviewing systems. I would appreciate any suggestions and advice.

The objectives are;

-        to prepare the students for work by exposing them to time tracking (a task they will likely be required to perform in a work environment)

-        to record student hours per week to report to the ABA (and for internal evaluation)

System criteria

-        reflect a realist work experience

-        PC and Mac capability

-        Have tasks and subtasks

-        Note input

-        Reasonable reporting

Thank you kindly for your suggestions and advice!


David McGeehan, M.Ed.
Assistant Director of Technology
314 Hanley Hall
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15282

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