[teknoids] legal tech boot camp offering?

Elmer Masters elmer at teknoids.net
Wed Feb 14 15:50:28 EST 2018

Hi Courtney.

You may want to take a look at the Legal Map Maker program run out of
Baylor Law School http://legalmapmaker.com/. While the scope is broader
than just tech in legal practice, I think its overall goal of providing
recent law grads with at least some exposure to the tools of practice
during an intense 2 day workshop is worthy of support and expansion.

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all in Washington in June to discuss this
further but please remember to submit those session proposals now while the
ideas are fresh.

Chief Teknoid

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:21 PM, Courtney L. Selby <
Courtney.L.Selby at hofstra.edu> wrote:

> Dear All-
> Are any of your schools offering something like a legal tech  boot camp or
> law and technology training programming (other than for-credit courses)?
> If so, I’d love to get a chance to talk to you about what kind of
> initiatives you are trying.  We at Hofstra are currently in the
> brainstorming phase of developing some type of offering.
> I’m not thinking about the Legal Tech Assessment here, but something
> inclusive of more than just a particular platform or software mastery
> opportunity.  I’m thinking along the lines of an offering that might
> include learning about tech literacy/fluency, technology in the delivery of
> legal services, technology and access to justice, how technology is
> changing litigation, data security issues, or ethics.  It could also
> include more specific tech like blockchain or machine learning/AI in legal
> research.  It could be in-person, asynchronous, over the course of a
> weekend, over the course of a semester.  There could be some informal or
> formal credentialing involved, or it could be a purely voluntary program
> for those who are interested.
> If you have some interesting experience and would be willing to chat, I’d
> love to hear from you off-list.
> Many thanks,
> Courtney
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