[teknoids] legal tech boot camp offering?

Ben Burhans bburhans at vermontlaw.edu
Wed Feb 14 15:00:48 EST 2018

Vermont Law School has something like this; in addition to our Center for Legal Innovation<https://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/center-for-legal-innovation> (which is not completely about the technology itself), we have (had?) a somewhat more practical “Legal Tech Hacktivist Boot Camp” 2-week summer course, during which students dive into a themed project and then present a project demonstration or similar at the end.

I think it started in 2015, and last year’s syllabus is here: http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/admitted-students/Eicks%20S17%20Hacktivist%20Syllabus.pdf. As I recall, it is not incredibly well-attended compared to more traditional courses, and I cannot find public information on whether we are offering it again this year. It was treated as a pre-law course for undergraduate students, and our institution doesn’t do undergraduate degree programs of any kind at this time. I do not know what type of certificate or credential resulted from this course, if any.

Glancing at the syllabus, it seems to mix in practical law (e.g. bringing a firm into the 21st century as far as case management, research, and resources go) with other fields (software engineering, among other things).

Beyond that, our various clinics also offer some considerable experience and learning opportunities using newer tech as they migrate to more modern platforms and methods. Most of that is not what Teknoids members consider “bleeding-edge”, but still very useful for professionals young and old, new to cloud-based matter handling and tools.

-- Ben Burhans, Systems Engineer @ VLS

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I would love to be a part of this. Wish I was going to CALI this year. My Tech for Lawyering Competency workshops were a guarded success last semester and I am noodling how to implement the leering outcomes into our LR class next year.



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I would love to see this. I'm trying to start a legal tech class and I'd love to see what others are doing either in classes or training programs.

Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Associate Dean for Library and Information Services
Associate Professor of Law
Georgia State College of Law

On Feb 14, 2018, at 2:34 PM, John Joergensen <jjoerg at law.rutgers.edu<mailto:jjoerg at law.rutgers.edu>> wrote:

I would love to participate in something like that too.



John Joergensen

Senior Associate Dean for Information Services and Professor of Law

Rutgers Law School

jjoerg at law.rutgers.edu<mailto:jjoerg at law.rutgers.edu>



On 02/14/2018 02:30 PM, John Mayer wrote:
This would make a great session at CALICon18 - 2018.calicon.org<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2F2018.calicon.org&data=02%7C01%7Cjjoerg%40law.rutgers.edu%7C6829b8a30e1644625af908d573e17729%7Cb92d2b234d35447093ff69aca6632ffe%7C1%7C0%7C636542334603188823&sdata=3j6YX2ZIfbAfo9cpZXmipt66qTu0DhrTrnJ6117o%2BoI%3D&reserved=0>.

Even better (maybe), an afternoon of 2 or 3 sessions - a mini-workshop/design-athon where participants collectively design a sample curriculum for such a course - getting down as much detail as possible for the subjects to be covered, potential speakers/experts, materials/books/videos that already exist.

I would participate.


On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 1:21 PM, Courtney L. Selby <Courtney.L.Selby at hofstra.edu<mailto:Courtney.L.Selby at hofstra.edu>> wrote:
Dear All-
Are any of your schools offering something like a legal tech  boot camp or law and technology training programming (other than for-credit courses)?  If so, I’d love to get a chance to talk to you about what kind of initiatives you are trying.  We at Hofstra are currently in the brainstorming phase of developing some type of offering.

I’m not thinking about the Legal Tech Assessment here, but something inclusive of more than just a particular platform or software mastery opportunity.  I’m thinking along the lines of an offering that might include learning about tech literacy/fluency, technology in the delivery of legal services, technology and access to justice, how technology is changing litigation, data security issues, or ethics.  It could also include more specific tech like blockchain or machine learning/AI in legal research.  It could be in-person, asynchronous, over the course of a weekend, over the course of a semester.  There could be some informal or formal credentialing involved, or it could be a purely voluntary program for those who are interested.

If you have some interesting experience and would be willing to chat, I’d love to hear from you off-list.
Many thanks,

Courtney Selby, JD, MLIS | Associate Dean for Information Services, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law | Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University Law Library
122 Hofstra University | Hempstead, NY 11549 | 516-463-5901<tel:%28516%29%20463-5901> | lawcls at hofstra.edu<mailto:lawcls at hofstra.edu>

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
- William Bruce Cameron

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