[teknoids] legal tech boot camp offering?

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Wed Feb 14 14:30:38 EST 2018

This would make a great session at CALICon18 - 2018.calicon.org.

Even better (maybe), an afternoon of 2 or 3 sessions - a
mini-workshop/design-athon where participants collectively design a sample
curriculum for such a course - getting down as much detail as possible for
the subjects to be covered, potential speakers/experts,
materials/books/videos that already exist.

I would participate.


On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 1:21 PM, Courtney L. Selby <
Courtney.L.Selby at hofstra.edu> wrote:

> Dear All-
> Are any of your schools offering something like a legal tech  boot camp or
> law and technology training programming (other than for-credit courses)?
> If so, I’d love to get a chance to talk to you about what kind of
> initiatives you are trying.  We at Hofstra are currently in the
> brainstorming phase of developing some type of offering.
> I’m not thinking about the Legal Tech Assessment here, but something
> inclusive of more than just a particular platform or software mastery
> opportunity.  I’m thinking along the lines of an offering that might
> include learning about tech literacy/fluency, technology in the delivery of
> legal services, technology and access to justice, how technology is
> changing litigation, data security issues, or ethics.  It could also
> include more specific tech like blockchain or machine learning/AI in legal
> research.  It could be in-person, asynchronous, over the course of a
> weekend, over the course of a semester.  There could be some informal or
> formal credentialing involved, or it could be a purely voluntary program
> for those who are interested.
> If you have some interesting experience and would be willing to chat, I’d
> love to hear from you off-list.
> Many thanks,
> Courtney
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