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Thanks, Gary! I’ll be continuing in my role as a Clio Certified Consultant, and I’ll probably continue to help academic customers in a pro bono way sort of way (except for big engagements that require on-boarding, training and data migration…for those I’ll still charge!). Do let me know if ever I can be of service: doug.edmunds.cliocc at gmail.com.

And I believe we’ve got each other on Instagram and Facebook, so let’s keep in touch! ☺


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You will be sorely, sorely missed here on Teknoids, not just for your expertise, but your good nature as well.  I know that you have been a big help to me and to USC Law School in particular when it comes to CLIO, among other things.   Wish you all the best sir!

Warm Regards,


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Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
1525 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29208
Room 202F
Phone – 803-777-8296
E-mail – Gmoore at law.sc.edu
Web – http://law.sc.edu<http://law.sc.edu/>

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Hello fellow Teknoids!

I’m writing to bid you all a fond farewell. After a great 20+ year run at UNC-Chapel Hill, the last 11 of which I’ve spent here at UNC Law, I’m venturing out into the private sector and taking a left turn into a non-legal sector as IT Director for a local company starting at the end of this month. This opportunity presented itself to me in a very random but fateful way (the story literally starts, “guy walks into local bar…and that guy was me.”), and I felt it was time for me to move on and get outside my comfort zone. My commute will be 5 minutes, I’ll have better benefits, make a bit more money (though that was not the motivating factor) and best of all, won’t have to deal with all the endless bullshit politics and bureaucracy that come with working for the state of NC. Yay!

I do plan to keep one foot in the legal tech world as a consultant and will be looking forward to keeping in touch with some of you off-list and offline! But you’ve all been a tremendous group of professional colleagues and have provided me with a wealth of valuable information and expertise over the years. I will miss that for sure.

Wishing you all well in these troubled times. Keep fighting the good fight! And be nice to people. It helps.


Doug Edmunds
Assistant Dean for IT & Adjunct Instructor

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