[teknoids] Anyone Broadly Disabling Spell Check to Address Examplify Spell Check Issue?

Patricia Guido guido at law.cuny.edu
Thu Nov 30 14:04:42 EST 2017

We stayed on SofTest for fall semester because of the spell check issue. Our rep expected a fix in October but now says it will NOT likely be fixed before finals. We are moving over in January and our school highly values the spell check feature. NONE of our loaner laptops which are running Windows have spell check working. I also found that macOS 10.11 had an issue with spell check.

Interesting solution to disable it for all. I’ll have to run it by our Admin Dean if we have to face that issue in the Spring semester.

Thanks for the update.

Pat Guido
CUNY School of Law
Systems Administrator

On Nov 30, 2017, at 12:52 PM, Jonathan Sibray <jonathan.sibray at colorado.edu<mailto:jonathan.sibray at colorado.edu>> wrote:

Hello Teknoids-

I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  For those of you using ExamSoft’s Examplify, are you aware of the spell check problem on some Windows machines?  If so, are you making any changes to your exam protocol to address this issue?  We are considering disabling spell check across all exams to ensure grading equity.

We first detected the spell check issue during midterms when a few students with Windows machines reported seeing the spell check feature enabled on the exam, but were not getting the red underline on obviously misspelled words.  We confirmed the issue and reported it to ExamSoft.  They indicated awareness of the issue and that it affected a “small percentage” of Windows machines.  They said to expect a fix within a few weeks.

We checked back yesterday, and ExamSoft does not yet have a resolution.  They said it is a high priority, but they do not have a timeframe.

I look forward to your thoughts.


Jon Sibray
IT Director
University of Colorado Law School

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