[teknoids] Scantron alternatives

Wagenheim, Michael S - (wagenhei) wagenhei at email.arizona.edu
Fri Nov 17 19:11:40 EST 2017

Hi Jennifer

With our switch from ExamSoft to Exam4 this semester, we also transitioned to paper-based multiple choice exams. Our Faculty Support office made the request because they find that administering multiple choice exams using paper is less time consuming than using software.

We went with Remark Office OMR. I used it for years in a previous position to administer up to 20k individual exams/yr for introductory level biology courses. It never failed and was a great time saver.

*       allows you to create your own bubble sheets on white paper. Scrantron sells you proprietary bubble sheets ($)

*       you can leverage your own multi-document scanner - also save money because you do not need to buy and maintain a Scantron scanner

*       Remark has a fairly intuitive user interface, has excellent error checking functionality, and a shallow learning curve

*       Remark ships with a robust analytics package that is also easy to use. One click reporting.


*       while a single license tends to be pricey (~$1200), however, it pays for itself quickly

Hope that helps.

Michael Wagenheim
Director of IT
James E Rogers College of Law
The University of Arizona
wagenhei at email.arizona.edu

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Hi all,

Last year, we had to move a midterm exam because AWS went down and took down many of our online services (I am sure that many of you experienced issues, too).  We want to make sure that we are prepared should this happen again.  Bluebooks are easy, but we use a lot of multiple choice questions in our tests, too.  We looked at scantron machines, but they are cost prohibitive since we would only want this as a backup system.

What do you use for scantron/bubble sheet grading?



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