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John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
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I had the funny thought that you could use CALI Author and Autopublish it
and use that as a polling tool.

The link would be known only to who you shared it with.

You could put the candidate bios/statements in there - even pics.

The owner can see the score results which is the poll results.

Users would have to login to the CALI website and (I think) the score
results only count the first time through per person, so users would not be
able to vote multiple times by running the "lesson" multiple times.  It
wouldn't prevent people with multiple identities from voting, but most
systems wouldn't unless specifically designed for that - some kind of
one-time-use code.

You could even see the list of people who voted which might solve the
problem of election integrity if you were worried about that in a student
election.  You could also tell if there were any votes from outside your
law school in this list.

Here's a test of this idea...
Follow this link and vote for the best picture of me from a CALI Conference


I will post the results when I get a few answers to see if this works.


On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 11:29 AM, MAXWELL, REBEKAH <rkmaxwel at law.sc.edu>

> Our SBA does their elections on a TWEN site, using the polling function.
> Student Services helps them with the mechanical aspects like batch-loading
> participants, and I (as the library liaison for the students for TWEN) set
> up the sites and give them tutorials on the admin functions.  Admins are
> usually myself, the Director of Student Services, and the designated SBA
> officer.  The SBA officer does most of the hands-on work.
> Rebekah Maxwell
> Coleman Karesh Law Library
> University of South Carolina School of Law
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> We were using an in-house system (quickpoll). We have since moved to
> Collegiatelink (as another reason to try and drive traffic to our
> campus site hosted on that)
> Tom
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> Hello Teknoids,
> I’m curious if anyone on the list can speak to how their schools handle
> student elections. Are you using an in-house custom web application or a
> third-party service (and if so, which one)?
> As an addition if you happen to know, what office/individual sets up and
> administers elections? Is your Student Affairs office handling this, SBA
> representatives themselves, or your web team?
> Happy to receive replies off-list.
> Thanks!
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