[teknoids] Student Elections

Bryan Rapp brapp at wcl.american.edu
Fri Mar 31 12:24:07 EDT 2017

We built our own system in Coldfusion about 10 years ago.  Our SBA 
administers the elections, but the web team assists in the setup of the 
online ballot.


> Christopher Kowalski <mailto:ckowalski at law.usc.edu>
> March 31, 2017 at 12:14 PM
> Hello Teknoids,
> I’m curious if anyone on the list can speak to how their schools 
> handle student elections. Are you using an in-house custom web 
> application or a third-party service (and if so, which one)?
> As an addition if you happen to know, what office/individual sets up 
> and administers elections? Is your Student Affairs office handling 
> this, SBA representatives themselves, or your web team?
> Happy to receive replies off-list.
> Thanks!
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Bryan Rapp
Office of Technology
American University Washington College of Law
brapp at wcl.american.edu

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