[teknoids] Exam archive platform?

Barney, Emily ebarney at kentlaw.iit.edu
Thu Mar 2 13:01:27 EST 2017

As a Google Apps for Education school, we moved all of our exams into a
Google Drive folder that has limited access via permissions.

We had a custom php/MySQL app that we were using to offer an advanced
search with filters for faculty names, course names, and semester, which we
wanted to retain.

With the help of a few Google Drive add-ons (after some permissions issues
were resolved) I was able to extract the urls for the Google Drive folder
and replace the file names with those links in our database so we could
continue using our application but have the files and access permissions
controlled by Google Drive.

We're able to leave our search interface public now, which means we do get
regular emails from people who ignore the note about using school email
accounts to view the files, but we have a canned response that we send and
it's not too much trouble

   - http://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/library/electronic-resources/exams

Here's some of my notes on sources I tried to pull the links for 662 files
from Google Drive (I needed access to the Google Drive Apps, but ITS here
took care of that for me):

I've been trying to use Add-ons and/or a Google Apps script to export the
urls rather than having to extract them manually. I've had no luck so far
and it seems to be due to the DriveApp being disabled on our domain.

Google Docs Add-ons I've tried:
- Extract Drive Links
- Drive Folder Scanner

Scripts I've tried:
- DriveApp demo
from Google
- DriveApp spreadsheet script

additional resources:
- DriveApp Documentation
- Access Denied: DriveApp

Using Drive Apps appears to be a separate issue from using Google Docs
Add-ons or the Drive desktop software:

   - http://i.stack.imgur.com/nCK4s.png

Emily Barney
Technology Development & Training Librarian
Chicago-Kent Law Library
email: ebarney at kentlaw.iit.edu
phone: 312-906-5630
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