[teknoids] LSAC Aces2 API

Tony Forsythe tonyf at appointlink.com
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I'm also interested.  Are you going to be at CALI this week?  If anyone else would like to meet at CALI to discuss this topic further let me know.  We working on a project now to improve this process for our clients and I'd like to learn more.

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Hi Ben,

Did you have a chance to make this available?  We're super interested.


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On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 6:40 AM, Ben Burhans <bburhans at vermontlaw.edu<mailto:bburhans at vermontlaw.edu>> wrote:
It’s a decent little REST API. We import our ACES2 applications into our student database after the applicants make their final deposit; our non-JD/LLM degrees come from Salesforce in a similar way.

I wrote a cross-platform proxy (node.js) to mimic the official (.NET, buggy, awful) “secure” ACES2 client, that is 100% compatible with the old ACES2 MVC API. I can clean it up and publish it if you’re interested, but probably not today because of other obligations.

Note that the new API requires you to register for access with LSAC, and to provide them some hardware/OS fingerprint information that gets hashed with each request and validated serverside.

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Has anyone used the LSAC API for Aces2? I am curious to know what you used it for and how it worked out for you.


-          Matt

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