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While I question whether I am smarter than Doug, I agree that these matters are not ABA accreditation driven. I haven’t researched the questions, so consider this an educated guesss. The policies regarding revealing accommodations are in response to a combination of FERPA and the ADA, or IDEA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Americans with Disablity Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). I’m betting someone else on the list has researched this very question and may have a response for us.

I think anonymous grading is a policy that developed over time in response to a perceived need to have unbiased grading on a high stakes written test. While FERPA would protect one’s grades from being released to other students, a professor is not so restricted.

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I’m no expert, but I don’t think either point is *required* by any existing ABA rule. They are, rather, common practice among law schools to help protect the integrity of grading in general. Almost every law school academic policy I reviewed before replying states that anonymous grading is the norm (except in experiential and seminar classes, in which it is almost impossible), but no ABA rule or guideline is referenced in any of these policies. It’s fair to say the same is true in the case of accommodations, but I cannot swear to it.

I bet Ken Hirsch would know! He’s way smarter than I am. ;-)

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Good Afternoon all ☺

Can someone please explain to me the following:

  1.  Are ABA credited law schools required to withhold the names of students from faculty of those who have been granted student accommodations?  Can faculty know their name[s] and what the accommodation is? And what regulation, ABA rule, etc. dictates this process?
  2.  Are ABA credited law schools required to use anonymous numbers/grading?  If so, what regulation, ABA rule, etc. dictates this process?

Anyone know the origin/background of these? -Patty

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