[teknoids] Bar exams banning Macs with Touch Bar

Edmunds, Doug edmunds at unc.edu
Tue Jan 31 15:00:02 EST 2017

Based on ExamSoft’s original email announcement a couple weeks ago, it sounded as if they were racing to release a new version of SofTest that would be “compatible” with the TouchBar, meaning that it could be disabled at launch. They often have to tweak their software, as we all know, every fall when Apple releases a new OS, but have always managed to certify SofTest on the new OS before fall finals time. I was hoping the same would be true for the version that must be ready for the February bar exam, but perhaps I was too optimistic. And…the TouchBar may prove to be more complicated as far as disabling its capabilities.

Here’s hoping that our students will have a version that works before spring finals, because these kids tend to get new toys over the holidays!

Doug Edmunds
Assistant Dean for IT & Adjunct Instructor

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We anticipate a similar edict any day from the Florida Bar as well.


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It is our understanding that the South Carolina Bar has banned the Touch Bar Macs from the February bar.



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A number of states that use ExamSoft for their bar exams are either banning Touch Bar Macs entirely, or are requiring users to disable it.  All the information we’ve been able to find seems restricted to bar exams, not sure how this applies to regular law school exams.

Here's an unexpected drawback of Apple's latest flagship laptops<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.engadget.com_2016_12_02_macbook-2Dpro-2D2016-2Dmini-2Dreview_&d=AwMFAg&c=1QsCMERiq7JOmEnKpsSyjg&r=_z07mjkB-ur52W8bDUbDug&m=iNuXEjLqLCkNxnxlnSkZ3wgphB9ResNCRfWbDgMTNQQ&s=ySuJx1Z5HqDLTz7mMVlwzRsmgKRjFO8IeVryKykJwT4&e=>: law students in several states are being asked to disable the Touch Bar<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__appleinsider.com_articles_17_01_30_north-2Dcarolina-2Drequires-2Dtest-2Dtakers-2Ddisable-2Dmacbook-2Dpro-2Dtouch-2Dbar-2Dfor-2Dbar-2Dexam&d=AwMFAg&c=1QsCMERiq7JOmEnKpsSyjg&r=_z07mjkB-ur52W8bDUbDug&m=iNuXEjLqLCkNxnxlnSkZ3wgphB9ResNCRfWbDgMTNQQ&s=zl5yiCK3optHECYe7svFRQq804kSaIJ9I64XZITgc08&e=> on their new MacBook Pros, or leave them at home entirely, if they plan to use the machines when they take the bar exam in February. According to an announcement<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__support.examsoft.com_h_i_323482095-2Ddisabling-2Dthe-2Dtouch-2Dbar-2Don-2Dmacbook-2Dpro&d=AwMFAg&c=1QsCMERiq7JOmEnKpsSyjg&r=_z07mjkB-ur52W8bDUbDug&m=iNuXEjLqLCkNxnxlnSkZ3wgphB9ResNCRfWbDgMTNQQ&s=pSXj7X2z_2hrfvCOBPx-5u2ZtG3-0zO2seJstO9urZs&e=> from testing software company ExamSoft, the Touch Bar's predictive text feature could compromise "exam integrity."



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