[teknoids] Series of blog posts on LII's 25 year history

Elmer Masters elmer at teknoids.net
Mon Jan 30 13:29:57 EST 2017

Hello Teknoids!

Ever feel like time is just whizzing by? I know I do. It doesn't seem
that long ago, but Cornell's Legal Information Institute turns 25 this
year. The LII was started by Tom Bruce and Peter Martin all the way
back in 1992. It's worth noting that Tom had launched this very
mailing list just a year or so before.

As part of a year long celebration of LII's 25th Anniversary Tom and
Peter have published a couple of posts chronicling the founding of LII
on the VoxPopuLII blog. You can read both at
and https://blog.law.cornell.edu/voxpop/2017/01/30/25-for-25-1-legal-academic-1-technologist-1-sun-box-an-institute/.
A little history seems like a good idea these days.

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